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Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo Attacks The Media And People Can’t Believe The Hypocrisy

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo ― fresh from allowing President Donald Trump to spew election misinformation unchecked on her show at the weekend ― on Monday accused the media of taking a side.

And folks on Twitter couldn’t believe the irony, given Bartiromo’s past sycophantic comments about the president.

In an interview with the right-wing Daily Caller, Bartiromo claimed legacy media institutions such as The New York Times and CNN are now “just not news.”

“They’ve taken a side,” she complained. “They are the mouthpieces for the Democrat Party and they are trying hard to affect elections. I mean, I think it is election interference.”

Critics could not believe the gall of the anchor who has personally stumped for Trump. “Irony is truly dead,” wrote one Twitter user:

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